All Natural Red Headed Beauty
Sensual body glides and so much more. Customize the session to your liking!

Everyone needs a way to escape from their day, from their life. Each of us needs a remedy that works to de-stress and relax to avoid a negative build up of stress.

For some, escaping to that happy place and feeling at peace can be effortless. But that lasts only until your phone rings again and that wonderful feeling is lost. Many have found the right remedy for their lives to be somewhat balanced. Yoga, meditation, exercise, shooting a gun, long walks are all ways some keep healthy, stay sane, take time for themselves. Should anyone really feel guilty taking time for themselves in order to be a better spouse, parent, employee, etc? With new responsibilities and more people depending on us, simply reading a book is no longer enough to escape the world. How are you supposed to relax with kids in the house? With a house always reminding you there is more work to do? For this you need a total escape. A total escape from your home, from your routine, and from your life. Mexico would be nice but lets be realistic here. In a moment of hectic everyday hell, everyone needs a go-to solution.

For many, a taste of Bliss is just that distraction, remedy, rejuvenation that leaves a whole new feeling of physical awakening, Sometimes just being out of your environment and in the company of someone open minded and easy going can be relaxing in itself. Allowing a cute, young girl to lead you on a new experience releases you of any responsibility or decision making. Lets first get acquainted, get any questions or concerns addressed. Then the focus will be getting you comfortable, followed by full body relaxation. Now lets really get to know each other, try new things and explore each others interests. This is the part that will be always changing as we get to know each other and our relationship develops. Fantasies can be explored, new interests discovered, unknown kinks and fetishes adapted. You'll always leave feeling lighter, energized, and totally anew.

About Miss Bethany Bliss

I'm 28 years old, have been living in Portland about 8 years and am definitely a people person! This city is full of so many great things to do but also so many great people. I enjoy going to concerts and theater performances. The many events and festivals here ensure no one can ever be bored.

I would describe myself as easy going, bubbly, sarcastic and compassionate. I am also very open minded and non-judgmental, all of which have proved to be very important in what I do. I'm definitely a very sexual person but I understand not everyone is open or comfortable with their sexuality. Discussing sexual fantasies with someone you just met may seem hard to imagine. This is why getting acquainted an comfortable with a new client is always the first step. I have many sexual interests and have experimented with many many more. I'm a good listener, creative an up for trying new things. Any fantasy or sexy idea you'd like to bring to life I am more than happy to assist you.


Hair: red

Hair length: to shoulder blades

Eyes: greens

Skin tone: white

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130

Piercings: yes

Tattoos: many

Getting Started

Who Can Be A Client

As long as you are at least 18 years old you can become a client. Men, women, couples, all are welcome. I do not discriminate against age, ethnicity, appearance or anything else. I've been asked many times if I allow men with hairy backs to become clients. Of course! My only requirement is that you respect me and my boundaries.

How to Contact

The best way to reach me for all inquiries is by calling or texting. Texting is preferred since we can respond at our own convenience, no playing phone tag. Email is also an option however I don't recommend using email to schedule, especially for a same day or next day appointment. This is because email takes longer to coordinate a time and when busy I tend to respond back to calls an texts first.

If I miss a call from you I will call you back as soon as possible. However, if I am unable to return your call within 2 hours please call back or text if you are still interested in a appointment. Since being discreet is always a concern, I want to avoid calling at an inappropriate time. If I was not able to return your call within two hours, please call back so i know your still interested. The other option is of course to text your name and time you would like to meet. I will never contact a client unless I have been contacted first. I will not leave voicemail messages or answer calls that do not show the calling number, aka blocked numbers. If anyone who contacts me uses explicit language in any form, I will then end all communication. If done again the number will be blocked from my phone.

Meeting for an Appointment

I meet all clients, new an regulars, the same which is a few blocks from my incall location. This is for a number of reasons for my benefit and the benefit of my clients. I do not give out my address so I will give you a cross street nearby. Meeting in a public location is safe for both of us and gives us a chance to get to know one another on the walk to my incall. This also ensures that no two clients will cross paths when either leaving or entering. Being discreet is a top priority for me an over the last few years this is the best method I've found to meet clients.

What to Expect in a Session

The focus of the session may be relaxation (and of course fun!) but you have to get comfortable with someone before you can relax. Before the session starts we'll chat to get to know each other an discuss any interests or questions you have. In a typical 60 min session the first 20 minutes focuses on relaxation, followed by 5 minutes of a full body on body glide. The next 25-30 min is for play. We can with keep it sensual vanilla or more kinky. Domination, Fetish, dirty talk, Roleplaying and toy shows are a few examples of kink I enjoy. But there are still many more options for how to make this part of our time interesting. The last 5-10 minutes we clean up with a sexy shower. The oil is removed easily and along with the soap is all fragrance free. The more we get to know each other, the more we will customize the session so it is right for you. We will also be able to further explore your interests, while continuously trying new things. I'll be taking the lead but we will both be involved in this mutual experience while we please each other.


What is Relaxation Bodyglide?

It is a guided experience into total body and mind relaxation. A chance to escape from the day's stresses, a mini vacation without leaving town. My full body on bodyglide can be compared to nuru but is not traditional nuru. Full body on body contact, using oil to glide over you. Both erotic and soothing while being sensual and safe. You'll first feel fully at ease when your senses begin to awaken to a more sexual desires. An that's just the intro to our session!

Donations, Tipping and Discounts

I have a recommended flat rate donation to compensate me for my time. I offer a variety of session duration's including 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute sessions as well as multiple hours. On sessions lasting two hours or more I suggest a discount on the recommended donation. I aim to make this process as simple as possible. So there are no upgrade options or additional fees ever. I accept both cash and credit cards for the donation. I prefer not to post donation amounts, please contact me if interested.

Tipping, though always appreciated, is not expected or necessary. If you really enjoyed a session and would like to show your appreciation please write me a review. Reviews not only help people looking for a provider, they also help me finds ways to better improve and customize our time together. Reviews also verify me as a provider and the review writer as a good client to other providers.

Occasionally I may offer specials to both new and regular clients. I offer a Christmas special through the month of December, which is the only regular special I offer. I offer no discounts or specials normally and do not put up with haggling.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

If for some reason you cannot make an appointment please contact me to let me know. I understand that sometimes life happens so I don't have a cancellation fee. It is appreciated if you can give me as much notice as possible if you must cancel an appointment. Feel free to reschedule any time after cancelling an appointment. The exception is if a new client repeatedly schedules an appointment only to then cancel. One cancellation is understandable, two is bad luck, but after the third time I will no longer be willing to schedule you.

If a new client cancels less than a hour before a scheduled appointment they are then recorded as a "no show" since the chance of filling an opening with little notice is slim. If a person does not show up for an appointment an has not cancelled they are recorded as a no show. I will try to contact them several times an wait ample time after the scheduled appointment before considering them a no show. Once someone is recorded as a no show they cannot schedule an appointment again. I do offer a one time second chance for no shows to schedule but only on weekends. Being recorded as a "no show" is taken seriously. Not cancelling is disrespectful to both me and anyone who would have taken that opening. The one time second chance is not offered to everyone, can be for only 30-45 minute sessions, and includes several confirmation updates to ensure the client will be arriving on time.

What to Bring to an Appointment

Really there is nothing additional you need to bring. You are welcome to bring any of your own toys or props you may want to incorporate. Show up on time, clean and smelling good an you'll score huge points with me. Good smelling breathe also a plus!

Photo Gallery

One of the concerns of many hobbyist is that a providers' photos are either not accurate or not of the right person all together. To ensure that my photos are always up to date I do a photo shoot once every year. I am also happy to provide a recent selfie to anyone who asks. I recommend asking this of every provider to avoid the bait and switch. Also make sure to always check reviews of a provider before scheduling with them.

Recent Reviews

"Her home is neat and clean with a special fun room with a double bed and heated blanket to take off the hand chill. This was a FBSM session with lots of oil and lots of skin contact... Bethany is very imaginative in the offerings she provides... If you see her just relax and let her take over. She is good at this!"
Fastfoot, backpage
Posted on Tna 11-19-2015

"Was looking to relieve some stress and looking for something soothing....
The hour went amazing relaxing and arousing. first 20 minutes put at completes ease and the next 40 she kept me on the edge till the very end.  All in all this was one of my best FBSM if not the the best i ever had."
Angyfun, backpage
Posted on tna 2-1-2016

"...[Bethany] will take time to get to know you and understand your interests... I was nervous as I rarely get to play in the hobby however Bethany was able to calm my nerves and made me comfortable and relaxed.  ...she was creative and exceptional in keeping me involved and interested..."
I highly recommend Bethany...
Mjj5612, Backpage
Posted on Tna 3-16-2016

"Her place is very clean and functional. Bethany is very friendly, skilled and accommodating. The session was very intense and pleasurable...  She has a great body and knows how to use it."
Davep7712, Backpage
Posted on Tna 4-16-2016

"Bethany is a beautiful woman. As a 50 plus year old male she made me feel young again. I was nervous, but she made me feel like I was a good friend. Can a provider be TOO sexy? This gal is hot!"
Puppydog55, Backpage
Posted on TER May 2016

"Bethany Bliss is so incredibly gorgeous, personable, and relaxing. She really put me at ease with how comfortable she is with herself. I left very relaxed. I highly recommend her..."
Andygeel, backpage
Posted on Tna 7-3-2016

"Very hot girl next door. Very friendly and professional... with some extra kink added on. Great value. Let her take the lead and you will have a good time. Would recommend."
Bigguy925, Backpage
Posted on TER August 2016


I am usually available daily from 10am to 10pm. The calendar below will list any days that I am unavailable to make appointments. Please feel free to email or text during these dates for more information;)


Call Now (971)717-4558

Call me now to make an appointment, I promise you will not be disappointed!! Or feel free to email me for more information.
Please Note: Anyone contacting me through an Internet generated number, like google voice, may be asked to provide additional information, such as full name. I may also require you to show ID for verification and/or another valid phone number. Providing an additional phone number (like home or work) is for verification only and does NOT mean that I will be calling these number to reach you. This process is purely to ensure the safety of myself and my clients.

Please note I do not do sexual acts as a service, or any other illegal activity, so I will not respond to any such questions.

I can’t wait to meet you and show you true BLISS


Disclaimer #1

Massage Therapy is a professional occupation regulated by state. I do NOT provide massage, nor any preventative, restorative, or therapeutic treatments of any kind. I am not a licensed massage therapist. Therefore, I do not practice any kind of healing/therapy. If you are in need of therapeutic or medical attention, please contact a clinical health care provider. I do not advertise massage or present myself as a masseuse.

Disclaimer #2

I directly only post ads on and am responsible for all content on my website I am reviewed on, and to name a few. If my phone number or info is Googled, ads for me appear on many, many other sites. However, I don't directly post on sites like adultlook or asexyservice. Ads are often copy and pasted onto new sites to increase the number of featured advertisements. This is why my information featured on such sites may be outdated or inaccurate.

I understand it's tough to know what to believe when three different sites state 3 different ages for the same person. This is why it's important to know where a provider advertises in order to ensure the information you read is accurate. Please look to or my ads on for the most recent and up to date information. Additionally, always feel free to contact me directly with any questions.